Kojima Productions have today announced that the previously platform-specific bonus missions in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will soon be made freely available to both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The announcement was made during the Kojima Productions podcast earlier today, and then tweeted by director Hideo Kojima’s assistant Ayako. The DLC will be made available on May 1st – at least in Japan. Hopefully some clarification will be forthcoming on when other territories can expect the freebie. It’s worth noting that the image in the linked tweet is missing the Xbox One SKU – this is because the console has yet to launch in Japan, rather than an indication that the XBO version of Ground Zeroes will be left out.

The missions in question are ‘Deja vu’ on PlayStation and ‘Jamais vu’ on Xbox. Deja vu tasks players with recreating scenes from Shadow Moses while playing as ‘Classic Snake’, the character model from 1998’s Metal Gear Solid. You can see an IGN walkthrough of the mission here. On Xbox, players take control of cyborg ninja Raiden as he is tasked to eliminate bioroids posing as marines in Camp Omega. It’s a nice call back to Kojima’s Snatcher, and good fun to sprint about the base as Raiden. I’ve played Ground Zeroes on Xbox One (a mini-review will be forthcoming, tl;dr version: I loved it) and had a good time with it. Below, you can see a short video I made of the Jamais vu mission.

From what I’ve seen, Jamais vu looks like the better mission – IMHO and all that. Still, it’ll be nice to get a chance to play Deja vu as well. It’s good that owners of both systems will be able to actually get all the content, but what would be nicer still is if all this platform-specific nonsense died out. Unfortunately, in an industry where we now frequently see retailer-exclusive content, I can’t see it happening.