A while back, we looked at how Sega might finally be turning a corner, and then subsequently at Sega of Europe’s seeming unwillingness (or perhaps inability?) to announce European localisations of some of the company’s upcoming titles. In recent times, any question of these games being released in Europe has been met with a standard “no information at this time” response from SoE’s social media channels. Now, irritated fans have had enough of the silence and decided to make their voices heard.

Enter #TakeMyMoneySoE, a fan campaign that aims to prove there’s demand for these games. Headlined by sister sites SonicRetro and SegaBits, the idea is to show Sega of Europe just how much money is being left on the table, by encouraging fans to tweet a picture of a handful of bank notes and the title of a game they want localised. Something along the lines of this, from SonicRetro’s ‘Overlord’.

The hashtag campaign gained a fair bit of ground on Twitter, with fans posting all manner of Sega-themed images, complete with a fistful of dosh, but quite what we’ve come to when fans have to beg a company to sell them something, I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, good on those fans for doing something about the recent situation and showing Sega what they’re missing out on, but the thought that they even have to embark on something like this is a bit troubling – you’d hope the company would know that there’s demand for more than just Sonic and Football Manager in Europe.

The main titles that seem to have sparked the movement are 7th Dragon III Code: VFD and Sega 3D Classics Collection, which is understandable; both are 3DS games, and with that console’s region lock, are particularly import-unfriendly. That doesn’t mean fans are willing to let Sega off the hook for everything else however, as Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is also high on the most wanted list. This is an odd one, considering we’ve had localised versions of the last three games released here in PAL-land – Both Project Diva f and F 2nd landed on PS3 and Vita last year, with the latter gaining a physical release, while Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX for 3DS hit shelves as a boxed product in September of last year. It seemed like the series had carved out a niche for itself and been performing well, so it’s disappointing to have not heard anything of the latest title, already announced for a physical release later this year in the US on both PS4 and Vita.

Come on Sega, GIVE IT TO MEEE (SOURCE: www.senpaigamer.com)

Come on Sega, GIVE IT TO MEEE (SOURCE: http://www.senpaigamer.com)

Happily, the campaign last week managed to elicit something approaching a positive response from SoE themselves. “[W]e’re working on this & when we are ready to share info we will do so,” reads their response to SegaBits’ campaign tweet. “[T]hanks for your support & being awesome fans!” While very far from confirmation of anything in particular, it’s at least a step up from the usual ‘no comment’ deflections we typically get, and the fact that they acknowledged the campaign would suggest there’s some cause for hope.

In recent weeks, we’ve had confirmation that Yakuza 0 will indeed be released in Europe, both physically and digitally, so there’s cause for celebration in that particular case, especially given the confusion surrounding its initial announcement for the west, which we touched on previously. We can only hope that 7th Dragon, 3D Classics and Project Diva X have similarly happy endings in the weeks to come.