I’m back with another unboxing video! It’s been a while since my first, and this one is a fair bit longer – in fact, I had to chop it into two parts. This was actually filmed on Tuesday, and it’s taken me until today to get it edited and uploaded to YouTube – I’m still learning!

This Yoshitaka Amano boxset was originally released in Japan in 2001, and as such covers art work created by the man himself for the first ten Final Fantasy games. Broken into three large hardbound books, the first contains art from Final Fantasies I-III, the second (and largest) book covers IV-VI, and the final book covers off VII-X. We also get a small, double-sided flipbook, a couple of postcards, and a┬ápaperback tome entitled ‘All About Yoshitaka Amano’, which contains interviews with Amano and insights into his inspiration and creative process.

The set also includes a signed card – actually signed by Amano himself, not printed. Yes, I now possess Yoshitaka Amano’s signature…

See the two videos below, where I am ably assisted by my good chum Dan ‘The Marathon Man’ Bushell, to get a good look at the set, and let me know what you think in the comments below.