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Tomorrow sees the launch of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, an HD re-release of GC/PS2 RPG Tales of Symphonia, regarded by some as the height of the series, and it’s less well-received sequel, Dawn of the New World. The collection is PS3-exclusive, with both games coming on a single disc, and there’s also a limited edition – something we’ve come to expect thanks to recent Tales of releases.

Of course, I just had to buy the limited edition, because I’m a sucker for soundtrack CDs, plastic figurines and shiny boxes. Are you interested in what’s in that shiny box I mentioned? Of course you are! And luckily for you, I took some pictures. I’ll highlight a few in the body of this post, but be sure to check out the gallery at the bottom for all the images.


First off, the shiny box. It’s a card case with a plastic slipcover over the top, and it’s covered in beautiful art from anime studio ufotable. There are some close-ups of the gorgeous, colourful art that graces each panel of the box in the gallery, and in those images you can see that it isn’t ruined by any logos – those sit on the plastic slipcover, allowing you to admire that artwork in full.

It’s not a big box, as far as limited editions go; big enough to hold a blu ray case, but deeper – think of a blu ray TV box set and you’re not far off the mark. It’s certainly much more compact than the gigantic Tales of Xillia or Bravely Default limited editions.

So that’s the box, but what’s inside? Hidden within, we find the game case, with one game disc and two soundtrack CDs (one each for Symphonia and Dawn of the New World), a new paperback novel written by Takumi Miyajima called Successors of Hope, which bridges the gap between the two games, and five (well, four really) mini figures of Lloyd, Colette, Emil and Marta (plus a tiny Tenebrae).


It’s a nice set, as long as you haven’t seen the US version. American fans get a couple of nice extras that we don’t, such as a steelbook case and artbook, and all the other elements of the US edition are better executed. The box is nicer, the novel is hardback, the soundtrack is spread over four discs (whereas the two EU discs are MP3 audio discs rammed with tracks – these refused to play when I tried them in my Xbox One, so I suspect that they’ll need to be ripped to my PC) and also come in their own 4-disc jewel case, rather than being stuffed into the game case. The game case insert is also reversible, something that isn’t possible in the EU edition because the inside cover lists the OST tracklisting. American fans also get a full colour manual, while ours is not only black and white, but only affords a small handful of pages per language.

It all feels a bit budget compared to the US release, which isn’t really something you should be thinking about a collectors edition you’ve just spent £70 on. It’s a nice set in isolation, and I’m happy with it, but it’s disappointing that not only is it missing a couple of items from the US release, but that everything that did make it in is also not quite as good as its American counterpart.

Anyway, back to those contents. As I mentioned above, the OST discs are MP3 audio discs, with around 50 tracks on each, and they’re housed in the same case as the game disc. They’re are also nicely decorated with full-colour game art, and look great if attractive discs are your thing.


Then there’s the mini-figures. A fair amount of limited editions come with a figurine of some sort (and then there’s the frankly ludicrous Titanfall one), but it’s not very often you get a whole party to play with. The mini figures really are ‘mini’ (at a couple of inches tall, most of their size is down to their gigantic heads), but it’s nice to have a variety of characters in the box, and they’re all nicely detailed. Tenebrae really is tiny though, and is more of an addition to the Marta figure (even standing on her base). Below, you can see them mingling with my other Tales of figures.


Overall it’s a nice set, and it’s always encouraging to see the Tales of series doing well enough in Europe that collectors editions are even viable. Here’s hoping we get one for Tales of Xillia 2, which should be releasing some time later this year, and looking a bit further into the future, next year’s Tales of Zestiria.

Be sure to check out all the images of the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collectors Edition in the gallery below.

BD_LEFULLToday sees beautiful 3DS RPG Bravely Default hit European store shelves, just over a year after its Japanese release (as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy), and as you can see from the image above, I decided to help myself to the European-exclusive Deluxe Edition. Help yourself and your eyes to some pics of the enormous box and its contents below.

I mentioned that the box was enormous, and it truly is. This is mostly to accommodate the full-size hardback art book. I’ve mentioned in other limited edition quick looks that I’d rather have a hardback art book, but Bravely Default‘s tome goes one better by being a full-blown book.

Other than the lovely art book (art from which you can see in the gallery at the bottom of this piece), the box also contains a figurine of Bravely Default‘s mage Agnes. What surprised me the most about the figure is that it’s not plastic – it feels like porcelain. I guess it could be made of polystone, but it doesn’t feel as ‘dense’ as statues made from that material tend to.

Also in the box is the game itself (of course), a pack of 34 AR cards (that I’ve yet to try out) and a lovely ten-track “mini-album” soundtrack with a beautiful piece of art on the cover.

The deluxe edition truly is a deluxe item; every part of it is lavishly-produced, from the big, solid presentation box, silver-foil art elements embossed on black, to the handpainted Agnes statue, and even the beautifully minimalistic soundtrack disc art (which you can see in the gallery), everything is beautifully made. I can kind of understand now why they were originally asking for £100 for it. Thankfully the price dropped almost immediately to £80, and I’m perfectly happy with what I’ve received for my money – I think it’s worth every penny.

Now I just need to find the time to play the game! Hopefully I’ll get to it before the just-announced sequel, Bravely Second, is released!

Enjoy some more images of the Bravely Default Deluxe Edition in the gallery below.

Last week, I wrote about the announcement of a special collectors edition for upcoming PS3 exclusive Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles. The announcement, made at New York Comic Con, was specifically for the U.S. release of the box set, and I hoped at the time that we would shortly hear that Europe would also see the collection; considering the U.S. release was announced at NYCC, I wondered if we’d get confirmation at this weekend’s MCM Comic Con in London – Tales of series producer Hideo Baba will be in attendance, after all.

Today, the official Tales of Twitter account has proven me wrong, confirming that we will indeed be seeing the collectors edition in Europe, as well as announcing that the game will be out in just a few short months: Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles will hit shop shelves on February the 28th 2014!

symphchronCEEUThe collectors edition, shown above, will include all the same goodies as the U.S. version (which was almost identical to the Japanese LaLaBit Market edition before it). In a large box decorated with gorgeous ufotable art, we’ll get five mini figures (Lloyd, Collette, Emil, Marta and Tenebrae), a novel describing the events between the two games (previously unreleased in English) and a multi-disc soundtrack. It seems “multi” means two in this instance.

So far, the collectors edition doesn’t seem to be available to pre-order anywhere, though I suspect that, like the Tales of Xillia collectors edition before it, it will be exclusively available through Namco-Bandai’s online store. It will also be limited to ten thousand copies Europe-wide (a third less than the U.S.’s 15,000 copies), so as soon as it becomes available, I’ll be throwing down a pre-order. Well, so long as it doesn’t cost as much as that Titanfall special edition

If there’s one Xbox One game that has been getting almost-universal excitement in the build-up to the next generation, it is undoubtedly Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. The multiplayer mechs-and-pilots shooter has been winning plaudits at pretty much every show it attends, creating plenty of hype around the ex-Infinity Ward people at the core of the game’s development.

So when a tweet yesterday promised special news to come today, speculation immediately began. Most seemed to be expecting news of a beta test, while the optimists out there were crossing their fingers for a PS4 announcement.

What we got today was a release date; Titanfall will release on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11th 2014 in the U.S., March 13th in Europe, and March 14th in the UK. But that’s not all: like pretty much every game these days, Titanfall will have a special edition. In true Titanfall style, it’s bloody massive.


As you can see in the above image, you get a huge, highly detailed Titan diorama. According to the official site the mech, which stands 18 inches tall, is individually-numbered, “handcrafted and assembled with over 300 individual parts and battery-powered LED lighting” – I’m guessing those red lights on the Titan are actually red lights, rather than painted decals then. You also get a full-size, 190-page hardbound art book and a schematic of Atlas, one of the mech models featured in the game. Oh, and you also get the game, of course. Why do they always feel the need to point that out?

And the cost of this lovely set? Two-hundred-and-forty-nine dollars. Which of course converts to £249. What?

Now, I’m a sucker for a collectors edition (this year alone I’ve bought limited editions of Ni No Kuni, BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Tales of Xillia, Final Fantasy XIV and Beyond: Two Souls), so my initial reaction when I first saw Titanfall‘s collectors edition was something along the lines of “Ooooh, me wants”. But then I saw that crazy, crazy price tag. A hundred quid more would buy me a PS4! This one will be staying on the shelf. That said, I like the art direction behind the game, and I’d love that art book. I’m hoping it might get its own individual release somewhere down the line.

It’s great that Titanfall will be out not too long after the initial console; the first six or so months after a new platform’s debut tend to be a bit void of decent titles, as everything has either been pushed to hit launch or simply needs more time in the oven. Within four months of the Xbox One’s launch, its most anticipated game will be on shop shelves. That should help to keep launch momentum going quite nicely.

Respawn have also published a new trailer to show off some of the positive reactions that Titanfall has been gathering as it tours the world’s gaming and trade shows. You can see that below, and you can get your mitts on the game on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC next March.

xilliasequelHave you recently finished the thoroughly excellent Tales of Xillia? Are you now waiting with bated breath for its direct sequel? Me too! Worry not, Namco-Bandai have got us covered with an atmospheric new trailer for the upcoming Tales of Xillia 2.

Titled ‘The Pocket Watch’, it’s a little darker than usual for the Tales of series, and focuses on Elle, the young child that main character Ludger (although it sounds like he will be called ‘Luger’ in the localisation) has to protect throughout the game. It seems her father has entrusted her with a very important artefact – the titular pocket watch – before it can fall into the hands of Exodus, the group that served as a major antagonist in the first game.

It also sets the scene somewhat for the continuing tale; Elympios plays a greater role in this sequel (Hideo Baba has recently said in interviews that he wanted players to see more of the other world), and despite the events of the first game’s conclusion, Exodus continue to be a problem, opposing the fragile peace between Elympios and Rieze Maxia. As you can see in the image at the top of this piece, all the characters from the original game will be returning for Tales of Xillia 2. That’s great news for me, as I absolutely adored the cast of Xillia – even Teepo!

The trailer, embedded below, also gives us a sneak peak at some of the localised voice-overs we’ll be enjoying in the new game, which is due out some time in 2014. I’m really looking forward to it, and the music in this trailer really helps to get the blood pumping in anticipation.

In other Tales of series news, it was announced at NYCC that Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will be getting a special edition in the US. The collector’s box is much the same as the Japanese LaLaBit Market edition but adds a multi-disc soundtrack. The image below shows that Japanese edition, along with a couple of blank CDs for illustrative purposes

The box set will be limited to 15,000 copies in the U.S. and will sell for $99.95. That’s great for fans in the States, but there’s currently no word of a European release for this set. Needless to say I’ll be all over it if it makes it to the U.K, and I’m hoping for an announcement next weekend; series producer Hideo Baba will be at the London MCM Comic Con on the weekend of the 26/27th, and given that the U.S. set was announced at NY Comic Con, I’m hopeful that we’ll hear something then.

No dates have been given for either game yet, though Symphonia Chronicles will be available in “early 2014”. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing that around March, and then Xillia 2 will likely follow in August if Tales of Graces f (August 31st 2012 in Europe) and the original Xillia (August 6th/9th) are anything to go by. Either way, it’ll be a Tales of-packed year!

Early Access began today for Square-Enix’s reborn MMO, and my limited edition pre-order copy decided it’d be a nice coincidence to arrive at my door. Another day, another limited edition!

So what’s in the (rather big) box, you ask? Let’s take a look.

The first thing to notice is the box itself (on the left, with the cardboard slip cover on the right): it’s like an old big-box PC game! And it needs to be large, to house what’s inside it.

ARR box

Within, we have the game and security token on one side (with the six-track soundtrack and pack of five art cards hidden behind), and on the right, a glorious art book!

ARR book

I’ve complained (mildly) before about paperback artbooks that tend to come with limited edition games, but FFXIV:ARR‘s included artbook is more like the kind you’d find on sale separately. Titled ‘The Art of Eorzea: A Realm Reimagined’, it’s hardback, printed on thick, glossy stock and though it only runs for 80 pages, the size of the book means the designers can pack a ton of art into a single page. I’ve only had a brief flick through it so far, but it looks to be filled with beautiful art work. Here’s a couple of examples. Click through to see the full size images.

ARR bookimg1

ARR bookimg2

Finally, here’s a shot of the box and all of its contents – the art book, the game, the five art cards, soundtrack CD and security token. Also of note is a second disc in the game box called ‘Waning of the Sixth Sun’, which I believe tells the story of the original release of FFXIV and the events that lead up to its endgame, culminating in the birth of A Realm Reborn‘s Seventh Umbral Era. It comes on a blu ray disc, but I’ve yet to check it out. Anyway, here’s that pic I promised.

ARR contents

As I mentioned above, early access for pre-ordered copies began today. I’ve yet to jump back in, but if you’re playing and happen to be on the Odin server, look out for Khroma Midgard. That’ll be me.

Happy adventuring!


Yes, Tales of Xillia is here! The game isn’t officially out until tomorrow, but a lovely courier just dropped off my Milla Collectors Ed a little while ago. I’m working on an unboxing/quick look video, but here’s a quick sneaky peek until I can get it up on youtube. I’ll update this post when the video has been published.

EDIT – The video is now live! Watch it below:

When the Day One and Collectors Edition were announced, I said that I’d just get the D1 edition as I already had a Milla figure. Well, I changed my mind, ok? It was Namco-Bandai’s fault, really: they published some shots of the Milla figure on Facebook and pointed out that reception of the Milla Edition would influence future Tales of special editions. Way to manipulate me, Bamco!

Anyway, have a couple of bonus shots, including a nice close-up of the Milla figure, and if you’re getting Xillia this week, enjoy!