Nintendo of Japan has detailed its launch plans for the Wii U, which will land on store shelves there on December 8.

The new console will come in two configurations: The Basic Wii U is white and comes with 8GB of in-built flash storage, whilst a premium black model offers 32GB of memory and a Nintendo Network Premium subscription. The subscription is a loyalty scheme that nets the subscriber eShop points and 10% back from digital purchases. Purchasing the premium console is the only way to get the subscription, which will run until December 2014.

The two models will cost 26,250 Yen (around £210) and 31,500 Yen (roughly £250) respectively. Separate GamePads are set to retail for an eye-watering 13,440 Yen (about £107 – yikes!), while the 360-like Pro Controller will be 5,000 Yen (£39).

We should be hearing European release information in the next couple of hours, along with launch line-up details, so I’ll be following up on this when we know more.