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Sonic 25th anniversay
After much teasing and dropping of hints, Sega have finally announced what’s next for Sonic the Hedgehog in this, his 25th year. The Blue Blur will be speeding through 2017 in not one but two new games, with the retro-inspired Sonic Mania set to launch next Spring and a new main series entry, currently called Project Sonic 2017 due later in the year.

The two games were announced at Sonic’s birthday party at San Diego Comic Con, which was also streamed live on Twitch and YouTube. Unfortunately for those of us at home, the stream was a bit of a mess; it started much later than advertised, and then suffered persistent audio problems, with sound occasionally dropping out entirely. In fact, the stream was so buggy that one wondered if the surprise announcement would be a straight port of Sonic 06.

Thankfully we were spared the horror of that alternate reality. So let’s look at the first of these new games, Sonic Mania. As if to appease those fans that are constantly calling for a more classic Sonic experience, Sonic Mania looks like a lost Megadrive game, and development is being led by Christian ‘Taxman’ Whitehead, known among Sonic fandom for his work on ports of Sonics 1, 2 and CD, using his own Retro Engine. He was joined on-stage by head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka, who mentioned that along with all new levels (one of which, Studiopolis Zone, is shown off in the reveal trailer), classic levels will be present and remixed in the new game. Graphics, movement and momentum all look absolutely spot-on, as you’d expect from Whitehead, but beside fresh stages there’s also a new gameplay mechanic in the Drop Dash, which seems to allow you to initiate a spin dash in the air, zooming off as you hit the ground. It looks like it’ll be great for sudden changes in direction while maintaining momentum. Sonic Mania was playable at the event, so there’s already plenty of gameplay footage on YouTube, but for us mere mortals unable to attend the party itself, the new game is currently scheduled to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One next spring.

So we’ve got our classic, 2D Megadrive-y Sonic covered, what about Modern Sonic, I hear you cry? Well, held back until the very final moments of the party was a reveal trailer for Project Sonic 2017. Although Iizuka made a point of saying that the new game was not a sequel, but a “brand new experience”, it’s difficult not to see the game as Sonic Generations 2. Indeed, the trailer sets the scene by proclaiming, “From the team that brought you Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations” leading us to believe it’ll be a return to the successful ‘boost’ formula seen in those games, as we see Modern Sonic boosting, jumping and sliding. Moments later, he’s joined by Classic Sonic as the pair team up, just as in the hedgehog’s last anniversary game.

Fans have been hoping for a return to the playstyle of daytime-Unleashed/Colours/Generations for a good few years now, after both Lost World and spin-off Sonic Boom each failed to impress, but one thing that may give pause is the tone of the trailer. Opening on a devastated city (that looks suspiciously like the one from City Escape to me…) under attack from enormous automatons that look more than a little bit like Sonic 2‘s Death Egg Robot, the colour palette is muted, swamped in browns, and the final tagline of the trailer reads, “Join the Resistance.” Hmm. Hopefully the full game is not too self-serious, as that just doesn’t work very well for Sonic (you need only take a look at Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog or the aforementioned Sonic 06 for proof of that). I don’t think we’re going to be looking at a grimdark Sonic though – the last few franchise entries, even as far back as Unleashed, have been generally breezy, ‘Saturday morning cartoon’ affairs, and it feels like the people at Sonic Team now realize this is where the franchise needs to be. Project Sonic 2017 is slated for late next year, and will hit PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo NX.

Alongside the game reveals, the party was of course a general celebration of everything Sonic. We got a brief look at both Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice for the 3DS and the character’s appearance in Lego Dimensions, as well as a short clip from Season 2 of the well-regarded Boom cartoon; the cast even came out on stage to do a script reading, but unfortunately the stream rather annoyingly cut away from this. The tone was often completely, bafflingly, bonkers, with random interjections for such mundanity as a nacho tasting session from one of the sponsors, but it opened up to a rather half-hearted, lethargic set from Hyper Potions, complete with a lifesize, very Mikudayo-looking Sonic mascot who waddled onto the stage to throw some uncomfortable-looking shapes. Sonidayo later returned to the stage alongside Hello Kitty, for possibly the most inexplicable crossover you could imagine. It did, however, allow me to gif this.

Yep. Totally worth it.

Other than the games, the highlight of the night came when legendary Sega composer and Crush 40 guitarist Jun Senoue hit the stage to play some of the band’s Sonic themes. To be honest, it felt a little weird at first to see Senoue jamming along to a backing track, but I have to admit to grinning like an absolute loon when he started to play Escape from the City, encouraging the crowd to sing along, and when he followed that up with Open Your Heart, joined onstage by Crush 40 singer Johnny Gioeli, I was not at all surprised to find myself actually singing along. Well ok, not singing, as it was about 3:30 am, but mouthing the words, at least. It was a performance that lacked a bit of the energy you’d have got from a full band playing live, but it was still a great treat for the fans, especially those that love the music of the Sonic series. It must have been fun to be there in person.

This was an event by and for Sonic fans, and by all measures it was a massive success. As a Sonic fan, I’d have loved to have been there myself. However, the series still faces struggles in the wider market; Sonic remains a big brand in gaming, but the ‘Sonic Cycle’ is still in full effect, with the last two big games undoing all the good that Colours and Generations managed to do. With a return to a proper classic style of Sonic, as well as a game that looks to be expanding on those two excellent ‘boost’ games, it certainly looks like we’re on the upswing again. The only way it could be any better is if there was also a Sonic Racing 3 on the cards. Ooh, just imagine.

[Credit for Crush 40 live clips: W10002 on YouTube.]

An eagle-eyed Neogaf user has outed an Xbox release of Dreamcast sequel Sonic Adventure 2, posting (now-removed) images from the product page on The above image refers to the game as an HD remaster, suggesting Sega will take more care with it than they did with the original Sonic Adventure, which was nothing more than an upscaled 4:3 port. The screenshots posted by GAF user Kokonoe seems to bear this out (as well as seeming to confirm a nice, 16:9 fullscreen presentation), and you can see an image of the City Escape level below.

This is good news for me, as I never finished Sonic Adventure 2 (I got so annoyed by one of Knuckles’ digging levels that I abandoned the game, but City Escape was great fun, as was its rendition in Sonic Generations), and having it conveniently stored on my hard-drive, ready to go whenever I feel like it, will be great.

It also seems that Sega is really upping its game with respect to their HD releases of much-loved Dreamcast titles. After a handful of lazy, upscaled ports (often missing vital elements, such as Crazy Taxi‘s licensed soundtrack), it looks like we’re getting a truly remastered 16:9 Sonic Adventure 2. Coupled with the massive amount of care and attention the company seems to be paying to the much-anticipated, forthcoming Jet Set Radio re-release, it seems that Sega has finally realised that they need to care about their IP as much as their fans do.

This also bodes well for possible releases of the more oft-requested Dreamcast titles, such as Shenmue I and II, and Skies of Arcadia. Personally, I’d love to see Grandia II get a re-release, though as it’s a Game Arts/Ubisoft title, it may not be within Sega’s scope for these re-releases. One thing’s for sure though, I’m very excited to see what comes next!

Welcome back to Musical Mondays! But before I assault your ears with this week’s aural delights, apologies are due for a lack of updates yesterday. I was at the MCM Expo all day and was unable to get a Sunday Soapbox feature done (they do tend to get quite lengthy!).

I’ll be writing up some of my experiences at the Expo for tomorrow, but for now, onto the music!

Can You Feel the Sunshine?
Composed by Richard Jacques
Performed by T.J. Davis

Yes! Sonic R! I mentioned Traveller’s Tales in a news piece a few days ago, and Sonic R memories came flooding back. Chances are you never played this Sega Saturn Sonic-based racer. And chances are the internet will tell you it was awful. But, almost fifteen years after its release, I maintain that this is not the case.

Sure, it doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of Mario Kart 64, which saw release mere months before Sega’s on-foot rival, but it held a charm all its own. A large part of this was, for me, down to the music. Yes, it’s cheesy and crazily ‘happy’-sounding, but it always felt like a perfect fit for Sega’s primarily-coloured design ethos. Blue Skies Forever, indeed.

Super Sonic Racing
Composed by Richard Jacques
Performed by T.J. Davis

When I think of Sonic R, it’s always the music that comes to mind first and foremost, and fifteen years on, I find I can still remember most of the words. So yes, you could call it cheesy, but I’d rather call it memorable. And like much of Sega’s best work, it never fails to put a smile on my face.