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Square-Enix has put out a new video showcasing the differences between the original SD version of Final Fantasy X and the HD remaster that is in development for PS3/Vita. The video shows off the opening in-engine cutscene, and it’s an interesting comparison, demonstrating not only how much more detail we’re seeing in HD, but also how much more of the scene we’re seeing thanks to the widescreen presentation. It also shows off some differences in colour; the original footage has an orange-y cast to it, without which the HD version looks much more realistic.

The video also announces that we’ll be seeing a limited edition for the home console version. Packaged in an outer box, the set comes with a nice-looking hardbound art book featuring concept art taken from both Final Fantasy X and its sequel X-2 – both of which come on one disc for PS3, and as separate releases for PS Vita. The games support cross-saving, so you can journey with Tidus, Yuna and friends on the big screen at home before continuing your adventure on the morning commute.


There’s no news of a limited edition for the Vita versions, nor do we have a release date yet, but I’ll be buying both. Because I’m a sucker. It occurs to me that when I buy both HD versions I’ll have three copies of Final Fantasy X-2, and four copies of Final Fantasy X. I think it’s fair to say I like FFX.

These HD versions should be the definitive versions of these games, with all the added International goodies, high-definition rendering and the news that this release will include a 30-minute additional ‘drama’ at the end of the credits, penned by ex-Square-Enix scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, featuring new cast and character voices. What this will entail is presently a mystery, but it’s always nice to get more stuff. I’m looking forward to replaying Final Fantasy X again, and playing its sequel for the first time. Now all we need is a release date.

Like Tales of Graces f before it, the forthcoming latest iteration of Namco-Bandai’s long-running jRPG series Tales of Xilla will launch with a special Day One Edition.

When it released last August, Graces f came with a paperback artbook, soundtrack CD, behind the scenes disc and various DLC – I even made an unboxing video about it! This August, Xillia will be upon us (August 9th, to be exact), and we’re getting the same treatment this time – minus the making of disc, by the looks of things.


The Day One Edition was first uncovered by enterprising posters on NeoGAF, and then picked up by Operation Rainfall (both linked at the bottom of this piece), but it’s now been confirmed by Namco-Bandai themselves, alongside an extra-special Milla Maxwell Collectors Edition, which you can see below.


The Day One Edition will effectively be the standard edition, as was the case with both Graces f and Dark Souls, and the Collectors Edition will be priced at £85.99/€99.99 and includes a 100-page artbook (expanded from the Day One’s 50-page book), the OST disc, the DLC and a 21.5cm figure of main character Milla Maxwell. It will be available in the following countries: France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

I think it’ll be the standard Day One Edition for me. Much as I love a nice art book (and the expanded version in the Milla Edition is tempting), it’s a bit out of my price range. Plus, I just got something yesterday…

Who else is in? And what edition are you going for? Here’s a short Milla battle video to get you in the mood. The animation looks lovely and fluid.

Tales of Xillia releases exclusively for PS3 on August 9th 2013.

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