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Tomorrow, the sequel to one of the 3DS’ most celebrated jRPGs hits European shores, as Square Enix’s Bravely Second: End Layer lands on store shelves. Like Bravely Default before it, the sequel is also getting a deluxe collector’s edition, and because I bought that, I also bought this. Because I’m a sucker for limited editions.

So, what’s in the box? Well, it’s a similar deal to the first game, containing a large art book (the main draw for me), a figurine and a mini soundtrack CD alongside the game – there’s no pack of cards this time, however. One of the things that surprised me with the original game’s limited edition was the size of the box, and there’s little change here; while the box is a different shape, it’s still huge. Where am I going to put this thing!?

Bravely Second Deluxe Collector's Edition

Opening the box, we’re greeted with a lovely piece of black and white art of new character Magnolia on the inside lid, as well as a look at the game box, the soundtrack CD, and the miniature figurine of Agnes in a small box, all sitting in a cardboard tray. Lifting out this tray, we find the art book hiding underneath.

Bravely Second open box

Below, you can get a look at the full contents of the box, before we take a closer look at a couple of the items.

Bravely Second full contents

Probably the only complaint levelled at Bravely Default‘s collector’s edition was the quality of the included Agnes statue. While quite large and weighty (I believe it’s made of polystone), the paintjob was pretty messy, and it just didn’t really look like Agnes at all. That’s been fixed for Bravely Second; while the figurine is much smaller and made of plastic, it actually looks like Agnes, and is a much greater representation of both her in-game look and Akihiko Yoshida’s artwork. In the gallery below, you can see a comparison of the two, but here’s a close look at the figure itself.

Bravely Second Agnes figurine

Last up, here’s a look at the art book, the headline item as far as I’m concerned. Unfortunately, it’s not hardback like the original game’s book, however, we’re getting a much thicker tome this time, and it’s not just an art book. Here we have a full design works book, collecting production sketches and artwork from right across the game’s development. Included are the original Japanese notations, complete with English translations. I haven’t looked too deep into it for fear of spoilers, but a quick flick through suggests this book will be an absolute must have for fans. Also, upon opening it, we’re treated to that same piece of artwork of Magnolia that I mentioned earlier, only this time in glorious colour. See more, including a couple of comparisons with the original book, in the gallery at the end.

Bravely Second Design Works

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. Coming in a little cheaper than the original Deluxe Collector’s Edition, with a couple of definite improvements over some of the included items, it’s a nice treat for fans. Now I just have to find the time to play the game! For now, enjoy the gallery, and the game if you’re getting it this week.

Microsoft have published a new video showing Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, unboxing the upcoming successor to the Xbox 360.

The video, embedded below, confirms that the Xbox One will indeed come with a headset in the box. The retail package was previously said not to include one, with Microsoft claiming Kinect 2.0 would handle all your in-game chat needs, but it seems they’ve relented and thrown a decent-looking standard headset in the box. According to Major Nelson, it features “improved comfort, in-line audio controls and improved audio quality for in-game chat”. He also talks about the “4K-capable” HDMI cable that Microsoft are including with the console, which is a nice gesture considering neither current-gen consoles come with one in the box.

Also on display is the Kinect sensor, which Major Nelson rather laughably calls “little” – it’s huge! It’s certainly noticeably larger than the current one that’s sitting in front of my TV. We can also see that the Xbox One again has an external power supply, which continues the two-tone gloss/matte black of the main console unit. I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly bothered about power bricks, so this one will again fail to raise any annoyance in me. At the end of the video, Major Nelson also shows off the capacitive touch power button, before signing off with “See you at Gamescom”, which will take place in Cologne, Germany in a couple of weeks.

I have to say, the more I see the Xbox One the more I’m starting to like the way it looks. I hated it when it was first unveiled, but it’s really growing on me. It’s just as well, considering I have one on pre-order! You can see the unboxing video below.

Source: Xbox Wire


Yes, Tales of Xillia is here! The game isn’t officially out until tomorrow, but a lovely courier just dropped off my Milla Collectors Ed a little while ago. I’m working on an unboxing/quick look video, but here’s a quick sneaky peek until I can get it up on youtube. I’ll update this post when the video has been published.

EDIT – The video is now live! Watch it below:

When the Day One and Collectors Edition were announced, I said that I’d just get the D1 edition as I already had a Milla figure. Well, I changed my mind, ok? It was Namco-Bandai’s fault, really: they published some shots of the Milla figure on Facebook and pointed out that reception of the Milla Edition would influence future Tales of special editions. Way to manipulate me, Bamco!

Anyway, have a couple of bonus shots, including a nice close-up of the Milla figure, and if you’re getting Xillia this week, enjoy!



After more than four years in development, Crystal Dynamics’ Lara Croft-starring reboot, simply titled Tomb Raider, releases today for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this series refresh since seeing it (via live stream, of course) at Microsoft’s E3 presser in 2011. The demo showed off an early section of the game, as Lara finds herself captured in a dank cave and struggles to free herself from captivity. It looked amazing; dark, atmospheric, lonely. I was hooked.

And so, without really knowing how it would turn out, I went ahead and ordered the top tier collectors edition. Thankfully, the game is great so far, though I’ve only played an hour or so. Admittedly, the opening sequence, that aforementioned cave escape scene, is a little bit too QTE-heavy, but it soon opens up and gives you a very useful bow, gleefully reminding me of my archery adventures in Skyrim. It’s an utterly gorgeous game as well – though I’ve only seen a small portion of the game so far, it’s certainly on par with the best that the Uncharted series has to offer.

There are other echoes of Nathan Drake’s adventures in the early sections too, as Lara clambers through environments in a similar manner, but the tone is markedly darker, and the environments immediately more open and traversable than Nate’s games. I’m looking forward to it opening up some more, and I’ve heard plenty of talk about Tomb Raider being possessed of a Metroidvania structure, with new gear opening up new paths in old environments. I can’t wait to get stuck in properly and flesh out the beautiful, deadly island of Yamatai.

And so we come to the main point of this piece. I said I bought the Collectors Edition, and it’d be cruel to not show it off a bit. So here is a new video (it’s been a while, eh?), showing off the big tin, the dirty (oo-er missus!) figure of Lara herself, the art book, map and… survival pouch? Just what is that thing for anyway? Enjoy the video, and leave me a comment if you’re getting stuck into Tomb Raider today. Or if you know what the hell the pouch is for.

I’m back with another unboxing video! It’s been a while since my first, and this one is a fair bit longer – in fact, I had to chop it into two parts. This was actually filmed on Tuesday, and it’s taken me until today to get it edited and uploaded to YouTube – I’m still learning!

This Yoshitaka Amano boxset was originally released in Japan in 2001, and as such covers art work created by the man himself for the first ten Final Fantasy games. Broken into three large hardbound books, the first contains art from Final Fantasies I-III, the second (and largest) book covers IV-VI, and the final book covers off VII-X. We also get a small, double-sided flipbook, a couple of postcards, and a┬ápaperback tome entitled ‘All About Yoshitaka Amano’, which contains interviews with Amano and insights into his inspiration and creative process.

The set also includes a signed card – actually signed by Amano himself, not printed. Yes, I now possess Yoshitaka Amano’s signature…

See the two videos below, where I am ably assisted by my good chum Dan ‘The Marathon Man’ Bushell, to get a good look at the set, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Tales of Graces f for PS3 releases here tomorrow, and thanks to the magic of pre-ordering, my copy arrived on my doormat this morning. So, I thought, why not take to the interwebs and show people what comes in the box? The result is Push Start Gaming’s very first video!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!