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Oops! This was supposed to be posted over the weekend and called ‘This week on A Game with Chums’, but alas, time got away from me. Anyway, let’s take a look at what was new in the world of AGwC over the last week.

Monday saw a new episode in our new Let’s Play series for DONTNOD/Square Enix’s adventure game Life is Strange. As a reminder, these go up once a week (so there’s a new one up right now!). In this episode, Max explores her university campus, and we get to see a skater kid stack it and take a deck in the nads. Top stuff, not to be missed.

Next up is another pick-ups video, filmed once again in a pub. So we decided to call them piss-up pick-ups. Because we’re a classy lot.
Recorded on May Day, Paul and I decided to head out on a grey, rainy bank holiday to scour the local game stores and see what we could find. It’s not just games though, as we managed to pick up a bit of nerdy swag too. Check it out to see what we grabbed.

(I can only apologise for the thumbnail. Dan was absent that day, so we had to include him in some way. Yes, those are chess pawns in his eyes).

Finally, on Thursday we published a Quick Look video of Rare Replay, where we decided to play some of the compilation’s Snapshots – think mini-challenges not unlike Nintendo’s NES Remix. Watch in awe at our heroic attempts at the endless, infamous Turbo Tunnel from Battletoads, and be prepared to wear out the edge of your seat as we attempt to build a rocket and blast off in Jetpac!

Also, as a cool little aside, Rare replied to our tweet ❤

That's all for this week! I'll be back with another round-up later this week, but as stated above our latest episode – part 3 – of Life is Strange is now live on our channel. Be sure to give it a watch and leave us a comment if you enjoyed it!

A few days ago, I posted about a YouTube channel I’d started with a couple of friends, called A Game with Chums. Up until now, we’ve focused on random one-off Quick Looks, but as of yesterday we’ve embarked upon our first ever full Let’s Play. I’d like to invite you to join us as we play through DONTNOD’s critical hit Life is Strange.

I mentioned before that we upload videos every Monday and Thursday, so we’ve decided to make Monday our Let’s Play day. This Thursday, we’ll have something else for you in our Quick Look series, and then we’ll be getting back to Life is Strange again next Monday.

Also, I know we’re a bit quiet in this first part. Sorry about that, it took us a while to set up and then settle into it. We’ll be back in full force for Part 2! I hope you’ll enjoy the video and join us for the rest of the adventure, and if you do, please consider throwing us a like and hitting that sub button. Thanks!

I mentioned in my Eurogamer Expo piece that I really enjoyed Killer Instinct. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I’ll definitely be buying it on day one when I get my shiny new XBO. But I’m a bit rusty on fighting games; many years have passed since I put hundreds of hours into Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Saturn, and many more since I used to Ultra friends with Fulgore on the SNES and arcade versions of the original KI. So I’m going to need some help.

Happily, the new instalment of Killer Instinct comes with a dedicated training mode, called Dojo Mode. Sure, this is fairly standard these days, but KI‘s dojo seems to be very in-depth, walking you through basic combos and their construction all the way up to showing hitboxes for every move in the game. Below, you can see TheOnlineWarrior‘s Maximilian and Michael Willette from developer Double Helix walking through the trainer/tutorial. I can’t wait to get to grips with it and then have a few winner-stays-on days with friends when it launches next month!

If you’re interested in Killer Instinct and want to see more, check out Maximilian’s youtube channel, which has plenty of in-depth videos, including breakdowns for all of the currently-announced characters.